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Originally Posted by Mader Levap View Post
I like how fascist degenerates whine about free speech (or rather their strawman of it), though it would be one of first things to go if they had any say.
Originally Posted by pgwenthold View Post
BTW, regarding "you can't impeach him because he has free speech"

How many Trump employees have been fired because they said something in opposition to Dear Leader?

The head of Cyber Security was fired because he had the audacity to say that the election was secure.

Where were all these wonderful free speech warriors then?

So take your free speech crap and shove it. We can see it's a lie.
"Conservatives are so much better than libruls because WE value free speech. With that in mind, I have some criticism to share about recent decisions made by Trum-" *right-wing radio host is fired in the middle of the broadcast for criticizing Trump*

Yeah, that's totally valuing free speech, right there. That event wasn't even remotely an isolated incident, either, by the look of it. That's showing that "conservatives" are engaging in much more egregious forms of "cancel culture," then making a big fuss over "cancel culture" as a distraction and diversion. For that matter, when multiple sources have reported and confirmed that a number of Republican representatives voted no to impeach because of believeable death threats made towards them and their families if they voted yes. That's not even remotely acceptable at any level, even if one opines that it's a sure sign that those who were intimidated should not be in politics.

Originally Posted by metacristi View Post
What do the Democrats offer instead? Lies and the prospect of widespread 'progressive' abuse of the interpretation of the First Amendment? Let's be serious,
Yes, let's be serious. Right-wing extremists have been utterly and completely mangling the 1st Amendment (and 2nd) and have rather effectively convinced a much broader swath of the public that their utter mangling of it is how it actually is. You seem very likely to have fallen for their lies.
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