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Originally Posted by Belz... View Post
Ah, there we are. I was wondering when that particular nut would crack, but it finally happened. Took you long enough to admit that you simply either don't understand the scientific fields we're discussing, or you think they're wrong, for reasons as of yet unknown.

So let's probe this: why do you think GR is nonsense? (we'll leave strings out of this since it's not a demonstrated theory at this point) Is it because it doesn't square with your personal understanding of the universe? Careful with your answers, because I'll bring up GPS satellites soon enough.
He doesn't think GR is nonsense. He thinks we don't understand it so we have to accept it on "faith" so it's the same as God.

Old argumentative trick. He's going to equate a simple trust in the established fact that science knows that it's talking about with blind religious faith.

God can we please get some new apologetics it's so damn boring watching the same movie over and over.

God of the Gaps, "But you just have faith in science," "But how can you be sure," special pleading, it's all the same old crap.
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