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Originally Posted by arthwollipot View Post
Yes. Such an entity is logically possible because it is impossible to logically prove that it is impossible.

I don't understand what's confusing you about this.
I'm not confused, I think you are wrong.

Not being able to prove a thing is impossible doesn't mean it's possible.
Not being able to prove a thing is possible doesn't mean it's impossible.
Not being able to prove a thing is possible or impossible means you don't know.

Not being able to prove a jar contains an odd number of jellybeans, because you don't and will never have an opportunity to count them, isn't proof it contains an even number (and vice versa). If the jar in fact contains an odd number then it's impossible it contains an even number. Knowledge confirms the fact, it doesn't create it.
Paranormal/supernatural beliefs are knowledge placebos.
Rumours of a godís existence have been greatly exaggerated.
Make beliefs truths and you get make-believe truths.

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