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Originally Posted by plague311 View Post
It's not an ego boost to impeach a man that has blatantly committed crimes.
It is when the impeachment has zero chance of leading to conviction.

Please, sell me on a scenario where our current Senate is going to vote to convict Trump. It would pretty much have to involve the Infinity Gauntlet at this point.

I don't need you to asterisk-scream a list of all the reasons Trump is bad at me. Trust me, I'm aware and I agree. I need you to understand that at this point in time all the people currently in a position to take him out of power do not agree with your or me and nothing being said on any level right now has a fly's fart in a hurricane of changing their mind. Trump and Putin could double team the average Republican's wife on top of the Constitution and they wouldn't vote against the leader of their tribe.

Outside of breaking out the guillotine the 2020 election is the only route we have. I can't make that not true.
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