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Originally Posted by plague311 View Post
Did they want to go through it when Nixon was impeached? Forcing the Republican party to own the stuff Trump does, as they'd either have to defend him or start separating themselves from him, and the way he acts could cause more of a rift in the party. Again, testifying under oath and seeing that information would be potent.
The Republicans now are a looooooooong way from the Republicans of '74.

Again... I hope you're right. If you believe absolutely nothing else I say believe that. I'll eat all the crow in the world if it gets rid of Trump.

ETA: And let's not forget a Trump impeachment would be the second or even third impeachment a lot of the voting public would be going through in their lifetime and neither of those was pleasant or fun. When Nixon was impeached we hadn't done it... I ain't going to do the math a long ass time.
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