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Originally Posted by JoeMorgue View Post
I think it's imperative that the Dems either take the White House or make major gains in the Senate in 2020 or they are gonna impeach Trump all the way into a Dictatorship gift wrapped for him.

Impeachment is nothing (worse then nothing since there will be a backlash) without conviction and a conviction would require getting 2/3s of a 53-45 Republican majority Senate to vote against the President. Not going to happen and it will hand jump a major victory narrative to role into 2020 with.

I get that I'm like the lone voice in this but an impeachment that goes nowhere is more dangerous then no impeachment at all.
I agree. The Democrats, at this point, should be concentrating on winning the 2020 election. That is the surest, and at this point, probably the quickest way of getting rid of Trump. Taking control of the Senate would also be good, for a variety of reasons (confirming or denying judge and executive appointments being perhaps the most important).
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