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Pavel has made the following requests:

1. Pavel would like to have observers and that the observers be permitted to make recordings as JREF is. Observers are permitted at most Challenge events. Could you figure out a way, perhaps a ribbon separating off an observer area, that would let Pavel have supporters present while meeting JREF’s security requirements?
2. Photographs rather than photocopies (you’ve already approved this one). Preferably 4 by 6 rather than 3 by 5. Pavel will supply digital files as the original.
3. JREF observer next to Pavel to be seated rather than standing, a few feet away, and not directly behind Pavel.
4. Post-its removed from envelopes before Pavel sees envelope.
5. “Plain” envelopes, no bubbles or colored lining.
6. Results board out of sight of Pavel.
7. Pitcher of water and glass on table for Pavel.
8. Pavel permitted to hold envelope to his forehead.

To which the following responses were given:

These are the alterations I can try... And I do warn that this setup is becoming extremely complex. I do not know if Randi is going to approve this or not.

1. Pavel can have you as an observer, and one person to film. Pavel's observers will not be permitted to speak. They will not be permitted to move. They will either be in a cordoned area or in chairs. If they need a break, they will be permitted to raise their hands at which point the testers will wait for the current pair to be complete and then allow his observers to leave. The test will halt at that time. Breaks by Pavel's observers will be deducted from Pavel's time limit. If Pavel's observers speak, they will be warned once. If they speak a second time, the test will be halted and considered a failure.

2. That's fine.

3. That is fine if, and only if, there is a mirror setup that allows the person in the chair to see Pavel from all sides.

4. My biggest suggestion here would be to tell him not to look at the Post-Its. They are necessary for identifying the contents of the remaining, unopened envelope. The Post-Its, as according to the current protocol, don't ever get closer to him than three feet. If he cannot restrain himself from looking, I do not see a way to safely alter that portion of the test.

5. Originally we were going to use large, manila envelopes. Do those work, or are those a colour?

6. The results will be on a list on a clipboard. Pavel would have to exert effort in order to see it. I would suggest that if he doesn't want to see it, he not exert effort. Beyond that, I do not think a change in protocol is required there.

7. Pavel will not be permitted to approach the table, nor will he be permitted to speak beyond the noted statements in the protocol. In other words, he can't approach the table, and he can't ask for water. If he wants water, he should ask for a break and get some outside of the testing area.

8. If Pavel is going to hold the envelopes to his head, they're going to need to be those white cardboard ones. Since they cannot have any colours on them, this might be a difficult type to find. And they're going to be expensive. If that doesn't matter, then I'll write it in.
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