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Originally Posted by dann View Post
Treatment of somatoform disorders. However, the point in this context is that the people afflicted seem to suffer from a variety of symptoms. And at least one of them now has a hearing aid. You might be able to talk a doctor into prescribing one, but if the story is real, it seems to indicate that at least one case is 'legit', but it doesn't prove that it was caused by a 'sonic attack'.
And therein lies part of the problem I'm trying to bring attention to, which is this fixation on a "sonic attack". The earliest reports revealing physical symptoms like brain injury were already pointing out that sound could not have been responsible for those injuries. While it was reported that government investigators initially considered a sonic weapon because of the number of "victims" positively heard sounds when they began developing symptoms, it was also reported that other supposed victims did not hear sounds.

So from a big-picture standpoint it would seem that, if something is going on here at all, sound could easily just be one component - and not necessarily a primary or particularly damaging one at that. If one takes time to actually read the earliest articles and those with new information to impart this impression isn't hard to come by at all - but it seems as if a lot of people, including some of this thread, would prefer to instead focus on "ZOMG sonic attack!" and insist that some kind of physically impossible BattleStarTrekWars science-fiction sound-weapon-device is central to the entire issue because that makes it easier to laugh at.
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