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Originally Posted by Jack by the hedge View Post
Someone recorded some sounds. I don't know who, nor where, nor what equipment they used, nor whether what they recorded is what the recordist heard, nor how quiet these sounds were.
You also don't know if all of alleged victims actually reported different symptoms, or if that's just something that's been reported or alleged by unnamed sources. For that matter, you don't know exactly how many people reported supposed symptoms - or whether in fact anyone ever actually did and the entire story from the very top to the very bottom is fabricated.

We can't have a meaningful discussion about this unless we're willing to take at least the consistently reported aspects as "accurate" in a face-value sense. And in such a discussion, there's a kind of obligation to be consistent: if we're going to treat one reported fact (such as that many different symptoms were reported) as credible enough that we can use it to rebut ideas, we can't reject another reported fact, given on equal terms with precisely the same (lack of definitive) provenance, as unusable or questionable based on that lack of provenance.
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