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Wait a minute, let me get this straight: So if the AP's alleged recording seems to have been created by de-noising and filtering an actual recording of crickets, then it doesn't have any potential evidentiary value, whereas if it seems never to have been anywhere near the sound made by a cricket (or any other animal), then it does?
Will somebody playing around with e.g. sinus waves and presenting a tape, claiming: 'This is a recording of the supersonic weapon (noise harassment, whatever),' have potential evidentiary value? If that is the case, then of what exactly?

PS I guess that what I'm asking is the question that we usually confront believers with: What evidence would it take to change your mind? i.e. about this case being an attack (harassment, whatever) on … let's call them: US diplomats in Havana perpetrated by the Cubans (Russian, ISIS, whatever)?
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