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Oh boy, here we go again!
It actually strengthens the claim that we are dealing with a case of mass hysteria: any new symptoms only show how it is evolving. The first case of hearing loss may very well have been genuine:

However, it is certainly possible that the initial index case may have an organic diagnosis, but not those subsequently afflicted. This is a pattern that is frequently reported in other MPI episodes.
That you have to add "of some (!) kind" certainly doesn't strengthen your diagnosis!

My guess is that in the near future, any of the previous 22 (23?) 'victims' forgetting one of the items that they intended to buy at the supermarket will think that they are now exhibiting a symptom of this "genuine malady", and this in spite of the fact that from time to time we probably all experience these 'symptoms': "problems concentrating or recalling specific words."

I sure as hell know that I do. The more stressed out or just plain exhausted I am, the likelier I am to have problems concentrating. And with some specific words I've noticed a general tendency to having difficulties recalling them, to the extent that I've had to develop little mental strategies in order to cope. For instance, I can only remember the word tautology by reminding myself that its first syllable is tau like in the German word tausend and the first time I heard tautology was in a German context. Luckily it's not a word I need to use very often.

(Am I the only one here doing stuff like this? Or should I, too, start blaming the Cubans? Or maybe the Germans?!)

Se also:
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