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Originally Posted by dann View Post
Oh boy, here we go again!
It actually strengthens the claim that we are dealing with a case of mass hysteria: any new symptoms only show how it is evolving.
Yeah, see, but, no. I've been looking through some past cases of what is generally considered to be mass hysteria, and the definitive common factor between all of them is that all of the victims share the exact same symptoms. One girl in church starts uncontrollably laughing, and then there are a dozen girls in the same church uncontrollably laughing. One little boy in Japan is reported to have suffered a "seizure" after watching a certain episode of a popular cartoon, and next thing you know a hundred other little boys are suffering seizures after watching that episode. Sometimes there are multiple symptoms reported, like headaches AND nausea AND vomiting; but in those cases, every person who ends up being afflicted, has headaches AND nausea AND vomiting. I have yet to read about a single case where a Dancing Mania "evolved" into a Toothache Mania, or a mass schoolgirl fainting episode "evolved" into a mass gout attack, with one random bloke on the side wondering if his case of shingles is part of the same disease. This business of 20 different people with 20 different symptoms being bundled together into a single case of "mass hysteria" seems unique to this Cuba incident.

Originally Posted by dann View Post
That you have to add "of some (!) kind" certainly doesn't strengthen your diagnosis!

My guess is that in the near future, any of the previous 22 (23?) 'victims' forgetting one of the items that they intended to buy at the supermarket will think that they are now exhibiting a symptom of this "genuine malady", and this in spite of the fact that from time to time we probably all experience these 'symptoms': "problems concentrating or recalling specific words."
That's obviously not true; after all this report we're talking about is months old already and there haven't been any new developments along the line that you predict, at least that have been reported.

But, once again, you are leaping to conclusions. My "diagnosis" is that a person having devolving memory loss long after having returned from Cuba, probably has something genuinely wrong with him. A person suffering persistent hearing loss long after having returned from Cuba, probably has something genuinely wrong with her. It is only your continued, insistent presumption that I'm implying the "same thing" is wrong with both of them, AND that "thing" has anything whatsoever to do with Cuba.

Because since those September reports, with the only exception maybe of the headaches or hearing symptoms (because exposure to loud and constant sound is already well known to sometimes cause those transient conditions), I've pretty much discounted any of the medical symptoms having anything to do with the alleged Cuba sounds, because - as the articles back then pointed out - it's pretty obvious they couldn't be very related. And I've already said as much before in this thread; I shouldn't have to repeatedly assert it every page lest people forget it. I simply also object to the symptoms being handwaved as "mass hysteria", because there's no evidence they are, for one, and for another the range of symptoms being reported is too vast and disparate compared to known cases of mass hysteria, which as I said involve masses of people all "succumbing" to a very particular and defined set of symptoms.

Rather, I think that all the various people who reported nausea OR headaches OR "tingling sensations" OR vision problems OR whatever, most likely just had unrelated bugs of various types. When you travel, especially to different climates, places where the air and water have different chemical traces in them, places where you haven't developed saturation immunity to the local micro-critters, you get the sniffles, or diarrhea, or occasional muscle weakness, or what have you - it's just what happens. That, and not "mass hysteria", is actually the most reasonable explanation for what's going on. The fact that a couple of people hearing sounds and feeling weird things around the same time led others to more keenly notice the random but innocuous medical issues they'd also started experiencing since moving to Cuba and simply wondering or even investigating if there might be a connection, is just fairly typical "inquiry" to me, not enough to go slapping the "mass hysteria" label on the entire affair and treating them like they're a bunch of woos crying about gluten.
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