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Originally Posted by calebprime View Post
Can you explain that last bit?

eta: oh, you mean that they'd be inhaling fumes when prone in bed, but when they got up and walked around, they'd have little more exposure
Exactly. Seems normal Cuban streets and homes get fogged with a kerosene/diesel based mixture. The hotels and resort areas use more unoffensive smelling combos.
With all that spraying for Zika and Cuba chronically low on supplies, there no telling what they may have used if they needed an alternative or if the mixtures were done properly, especially as when Castro mobilized the army to join the mosquito fight.

The effects of one chemical insecticide I know of used in Cuba, Cypermethrin, can cause paraesthesia, or that 'pins and needles' tingling and numbness with exposure. That sounds like the symptoms of that tourist who said he too had been 'attacked' a few years ago - but the embassy worker symptoms do not match his.

Solvents and certain antibiotic and cancer medications are known to cause permanent hearing loss. The solvents would need pretty big exposure, like working years in a factory with them. I'd also have to think that doctors and investigators would have carefully looked at all ototoxic medications given the symptoms are near identical. For example:
Gentamicin -11% of the population who receives aminoglycosides experience damage to their inner ear.[14] The common symptoms of inner ear damage are: tinnitus, hearing loss, vertigo, trouble with coordination, dizziness.[15] These problems may be permanent.
The cause will surely be something synergistic. It's like an episode of house MD where we find out, in that a-ha moment, that all the diplomats used the same cleaning lady who caused some toxic chemical mixture with the indoor insecticide residue and then left her rags to dry on the intake fan.
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