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I do believe a Trump victory would spell doom for US as a free country, and also accelerate the process of decline. Not to mention there'll be countless more covid deaths, perhaps in the millions. The economy will keep tanking. The Führer will blame everything on the usual scape goats, while making things more and more intolerable for minorities and liberals. US foreign relations will keep deteriorating, and shifting towards supporting authoritarian regimes, and pulling away from the fight against climate change.

I don't see Trump 2020-2024 ending well for anyone.
"He's like a drunk being given a sobriety test by the police after being pulled over. Just as a drunk can't walk a straight line, Trump can't think in a straight line. He's all over the place."--Stacyhs
"If you are still hung up on that whole words-have-meaning thing, then 2020 is going to be a long year for you." --Ladewig
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