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Originally Posted by Matteo Martini View Post
Apparently, before 1975 2 million people ( vietnamese ) got killed.
After, 465000
I remember reading somewhere that roughly 2 million Vietnamese "disappeared" after the North took over but since I can't bring that reference up at the moment I'll concede this point.

Originally Posted by Matteo Martini View Post
Is there any UN resolution about that?
Who cares? The UN is an irrelevant obstinate organization that cares for no one and therefore helps no one. As such I can't wait to see it done away with or at least have the US pull out of it.

Originally Posted by Matteo Martini View Post
Read the post.
The US voted in favour of the Khmer Rouge Cambodia to retain their seat at the UN
So the US voted to have a despotic regime, that was already being driven from power and into hiding in the rain forest, retain a post in an irrelevant international clubhouse of pointless bickering and apathy or as most people know it, the United Nations. Did this really help the Khmer Rouge commit atrocities in any way?
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