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Originally Posted by Skeptic Ginger View Post

But all this whataboutism is a fail. See why in my post #144 above. You are conflating an acute epidemic with any and all forms of a dangerous product.
Allegories, precedents and seeking consistency in law are not whataboutism.

I'm not sure why you're linking the sickness/deaths with vaping and vaping research while you said yourself "it is unlikely it's going to be something that has been in vaping products for years". That's kind of the point here - these recent deaths are concerning - and that's what we're waiting for more evidence for. Why would we ban something that hasn't generally been making people ill when in all likelihood it's something being added that is making people ill?

So, for example, when Samsung phone batteries started catching fire, there wasn't a call to ban all phone sales and tell everyone to immediately stop using their phones. Only the ones with the problem were withdrawn from market.

I'm concerned about people lumping these problems in with general vaping when the evidence for that has not been established. Especially when prohibition in the case of something addictive is actually likely to see people turning to alternatives that we know are less safe.

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