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Originally Posted by Skeptic Ginger View Post
I've just done a quick literature review which I'm not going to do the whole findings and sources, too much work. So take these things I found as you wish, I don't care. And anyone that wants to do their own research that is fantastic. Please post what you find too. I looked through scientific papers via and the Guardian had a good article.

First, vaping has not yet taken off outside of the US. That explains why we might not be seeing deaths and illness outside the US.

Second, the only research so far that isn't funded by the tobacco companies fails to show vaping helps people quit smoking. Safety studies are lacking. And the chemicals in the vaping liquids combine into new compounds after manufacture.

Third, the tobacco companies have fairly recently upped their sales and promotion of vaping products.

Fourth, the tobacco companies are putting out research claiming all the benefits of vaping and promoting it on social media sites aimed at the youth market.

Fifth, sales of vaping products and the numbers of teens using them has skyrocketed in the last year.
USA does have by far the biggest market, but it's not true to say it hasn't taken off elsewhere. The overall market for the rest of the world is larger.

Tobacco companies are relatively new to the market - they were fighting against it before. The market is still largely dominated by many smaller, independent companies - it's expected that what we'll see from the tobacco companies is support for regulation/legislation that favours the big companies and makes it hard for the smaller ones to compete.

On the other hand, there are pharmaceutical companies with big profits in cessation products who are fighting back with their own research papers - so one has to be careful of biases from all sides in some of the literature out there.

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