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Originally Posted by Thermal View Post
From eleven years ago (byline 2008)?
Comments dating from 12 years ago. We sure this shouldn't be in the history subforum?

So back to my honest question about asserting property rights.
To which you were given an honest answer.

I wondered if the squats are invoking actual Squatters rights, based on the time they have been there. In some places, 'peaceful uncontested residence' actually constitutes a legal squatting claim. Don't know if Greece has such legal provisions.
No idea whether Greece has such legal provisions. They are clearly invoking actual property rights though, since they actually still have the 19 remaining squats, and are actually asserting their rights to it (for example here).

You see, your problem is that you have the notion of "actual" and "imaginary" rights mixed up. Which usually isn't so much of a problem, were it not that the only way you can mix these up is if the State is capable of enforcing those ideas on the actual world. Which is, of course, exactly what's being contested here. To put it differently: This is Exarchia, your law means nothing here

See, that's not obsession. It's an on-topic query for honest discussion of the standings in the conflict, as was my question about the K*Vox paper owner's possible sympathies.
I've been reporting on the standings in the conflict. You know, the actual conflict in the real world, not one that only exists in your imagination.
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