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Originally Posted by SuburbanTurkey View Post
It does a heart good to see a grifter like Milo not knowing where his next meal comes from, but I'm not sure you can claim this as a scalp for deplatforming.

Milo was always a mercenary troll and pretty much a persona non grata anywhere but the far right sphere during his prime. His troubles only really began when he got dropped by the Mercers and Breitbart for endorsing pedophilia. They didn't care when he was race baiting or leading harrassment campaigns against lefties. None of these people had a problem with all his other bigoted crap and he probably would be running the same racket had he not endorsed banging children.

I don't think the left ended his career. The right wing soured on him for their own reasons and cut him adrift. Does that really count as deplatforming?

Deplatforming does work, but only for people who want to at least pretend to be respectable.
But doesn't it strike you as odd that, while Milo defended child rape and child rapists on Joe Rogan's extremely popular podcast in 2015, conservatives suddenly discovered this interview right after pseudo-liberal Bill Maher decided to hype him up, and right before he was slated to give the keynote speech at CPAC in 2017? Didn't you ever wonder how that happened all of a sudden?

I mean, I guess it's possible that members of the Reagan Battalion just happened upon the clip that was used by a minor lefty Youtuber at that convenient moment, but...
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