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Originally Posted by angrysoba View Post
I haven't misrepresented anything at all.

I don't deny that we are adapted to eat meat; I'm simply pointing out that evolution is not an ultimate arbiter of what we should do. That goes for many arguably adaptive traits that we try to avoid such as overeating, rape, racism - or other forms of them-and-us categorizing, certain cognitive biases that make sense in a hunter-gatherer society but less so in the modern age, etc...
Sure, but understanding our evolutionary history can offer insight into our biology, including what sort of diet is likely to be best from a health perspective.

It's certainly not the last word on it, and it's certainly not impossible to improve on our ancestral diet(s)*, but it's not pseudoscience to look to our evolutionary history for some insight on this question.

*That "s" is an important point, as our ancestors ate different diets at different times and places. That we are omnivores whose diet has been influenced both by environment an culture makes questions about the diets of our ancestors even more complicated.
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