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Okay so, I'm just going to ask this straight-up. Should I stop right now forever?

I use the Vuse Alto ("original" flavor) sometimes. Not heavily, and I'd had plans to cut it out entirely before I even heard news of this epidemic. I've decreased my use A LOT. But I do like having the thing around. The ritual of hitting it soothes me whenever I'm having anxiety or studying, or having anxiety about studying. Much like cigarettes used to do before I quit them. Plus, my SO has a friend who works for Reynold's - who manufactures Vuse - and he gives us these coupons all the time, so I never pay more than 3-5 dollars for a pack of 2 pods! Which last me forever! I thought I'd found the holy grail. I knew it was all too good to be true.

Anyway, over the last week I have been having really bad anxiety about the vaping. Several times, I've convinced myself that I can't breathe deeply enough and basically panicked. I also have a weird pain in my back. I can't concentrate when I'm studying or working, and I've been having trouble sleeping out of fears about this. As a result of the anxiety getting so bad, I haven't vaped at all for like 2 and a half days. The anxiety isn't any better, but I am more irritable than I expected. I think it's because I know I can't have any; that makes me crave it more.

I know people are just going to say, "obviously you should stop right now,it might be bad, it's making you crazy, and you're clearly addicted." Yes, that is true. But what I'm asking is, should I literally never hit it again because of the danger? I have a pod and a half left - should I throw them out, or can I use them to taper a little and then never buy any again? Those are my two options now. What do you guys think I should do?

Please don't be mean. If you think my post is stupid, just ignore it. I'm all out of sorts.

ETA - I realize I'm being a terrible skeptic right now, but I'm honest to god too anxious to research this. I tried, and the breathing thing happened again while I was scrolling through Google hits. Then I started worrying about other health stuff too.

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