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Originally Posted by Samson View Post
However, the police did visit the grape cutting grower on the morning of the 29th.
That grower did phone Mark Lundy at 8 30pm later
That grower had invoiced Lundy for 550k.
Anyone can write an invoice. I can't believe you're taking it seriously.

Clutching at straws.

Originally Posted by Samson View Post
And you suggested that despite these contentious financial matters Glenn Weggery came from left field and was the killer?
Left field?

A known kiddy fiddler.
A little girl with hymen damage. (she sure wasn't a gymnast!)
A bloke with the means.
A bloke who found the bodies.

Yep, that's left field alright.

[quote=Samson;11592613]Weggery is a gullible fool to believe the false police solution, but he had no opportunity to conceal a crime... [quote]

Rubbish. He had all night.

Originally Posted by Samson View Post
..., and the motive is absurd.
I'll wager a couple of chocolate fish a lot more people have been killed to cover sexual abuse than over a fake 1/2 mio debt!

Originally Posted by Samson View Post
Com'on Atheist get that Shakespeare head running and put this into a script.
That's an insult. I've written many times he was the biggest con artist the English language has ever seen.
The point of equilibrium has passed; satire and current events are now indistinguishable.
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