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Originally Posted by Vixen View Post
I can't see why having Thomas Cromwell as an eighth grandfather shouldn't give Danny Dyer something to feel proud about.

He's not smug. He is just surprised and a bit chuffed, given his 'rough cockney' image.

By the way, it wouldn't be linear, it'd be more of a curve, so you need to express it as a logarithm.

I wasn't referring to Danny Dyer

ETA: your edited last sentence makes.......... ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE WHATSOEVER. Logarithms have nothing at all to do with that calculation. The contribution of one's x-th ancestor to one's genome is 0.5^x. The generation-by-generation regression does indeed follow a logarithmic scale, but that's entirely irrelevant to the straight calculation for any given generationally-removed ancestor. Wow.

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