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Originally Posted by baron View Post
I don't see why legal workers would leave 'literally overnight' due to a crackdown on illegal workers.
Well one of the reasons given in the article was that one of his senior workers feared what would happen to his wife. The worker himself was legal.

As I noted, other articles have cited fears about harassment, but do not specify if this was because of illegal status, or just fear of general harassment due to being Hispanic.

From what has been said about the amount of illegal workers in the farm system, I wouldn't be surprised if a reasonable proportion of his workers were illegal, but I was just making the point that the article does not specify.

ETA: I also wouldn't be surprised - as seems to be implied in the article - if many of these workers operate as a team. I could then see how if they move around together, and if enough of them want to move on due to concerns then the whole team while move on, even if many of them are not directly affected. (this is in no way supported by evidence, it is purely my own opinion)
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