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Originally Posted by RecoveringYuppy View Post
It means you are really out of touch with the situation in the US. It's a poll of Americans. Couldn't possibly be a poll of only Republicans.
And you walked right in.

Seriously, nearly 40% of all Americans believe that Trump should be impeached?? That is, that he face charges that could lead him to be forcibly removed from office after just 2 years from his swearing in? Is that not a spectacular failure right there?

ETA: 40% of 300 million is 120 million. The official Democratic Party membership is about 45 million. So even if all the Democrats in the USA are calling for impeachment (and they are not), there are still some 75 million of more non-Democrat Americans calling for impeachment. I suspect some of those will be Republicans...
...our governments are just trying to protect us from terror. In the same way that someone banging a hornetsí nest with a stick is trying to protect us from hornets. Frankie Boyle, Guardian, July 2015

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