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Originally Posted by jimbob View Post
I like the Buccaneer. I remember being in the Cairngorms and one flew low over me and it was surprisingly *quiet*.

The TSR-2 and Lightning both look as though Dan Dare should have piloted them.
Buckaneer was desigtned to be flown between 50 and 100 ft off the sea at 500 knots.
It used what is known as 'Boundry Layer Control' this bled high pressure air from the engines, which was blown through full-span slits along the wing's trailing and leading edges giving almost 50% more lift. This allowed it to have low aspect, short wings suited for high speed cruising but gave a low enough stall speed to allow carrier landings.

It had a 'rotating' weapons bay that allowed it's underside to remain 'clean'
It was designed to carry a 'Red Beard' free-fall nuclear bomb, as well as conventional munitions including anti ship missiles.
It's method of attack with the nuclear weapon was to come in low then pull up as it released 'tossing' the bomb in an arcing trajectory that would allow the aircraft to escape before detonation.

They were operated by both the RN and the RAF taking part in the first Gulf War.
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