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Originally Posted by theprestige View Post
A ship-helo team can operate in more conditions than a seaplane. And while the helo's own endurance is limited, the destroyer it's flying from can stay on station for weeks at a time - in any weather. A seaplane that has to fly thousands of miles away to land is not going to be much use in hunting the submarine it left behind. When the USN does need that kind of trade-off, they just operate land-based ASW planes like the P-3 and the P-8.
Thanks! That helps.

Do you known the weather limits for a helicopter to launch and land on a destroyer? Sea state and winds? Although I imagine a destroyer can stay on station through a wide range of weather conditions (at the cost of quite a ride for the crew) I wonder about the limits of the helo - part of the team. I've seen video of helicopters attempting to land in chop and high winds and it would appear to be very dangerous at some point. Is that the point that the land-based ASWs are deployed (when their range and endurance are sufficient)?
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