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New Policy on Global Warming threads

Mod Info
Hello Members,

It has been noted that there have been a lot of threads created on the topic of global warming. A great number of these topics rapidly descend into bickering and other rule violations. Although one of the biggest threads was put on moderated status, it seems that many of the other threads have sprung up in order to avoid moderated status.

Since many of the threads cover the same or similar ground, we've decided to keep only one thread for general Global Warming discussions, which will be moderated. Unless the topic is very different from the "general" discussion, new threads and posts about global warming will be moved to that thread if they satisfy the membership agreement.

Failure to confine general discussions to this moderated thread or starting other threads for general discussion will be treated as Rule 6 violations and subject to a series of escalating penalties just like any other membership violation.

We hope this will encourage civility in the discussion of global warming. We realize this topic inspires strong emotion, but please contain your emotion to those forms which are permissible under the Membership Agreement.

Thank you
JREF Moderation Team
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