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How 9/11 was done

Good evening, greetings from Amsterdam/Holland.

Sorry for the interruption but I have here a little theory about how 9/11 was done. Maybe you would care to look at it and give some comments. Thanks in advance.

Nobody ever claimed that 9/11 was carried out by the Japanese, the Russians, the Dutch or the Hutu's.

There are only 2 possibilities:

1) Arabs (Arab Conspiracy Theory - ACT)
2) Some kind of inside job (CIA, Mossad)

We all know the official story line. I have spent some time constructing a counter theory, the Israeli Conspiracy Theory (ICT) to see how far one can get with it. The theory is for 90% based on the work of Christopher Bollyn.

Intelligent businesslike comments are appreciated.

The theory is formulated here:

Here is a diagram of the 9/11 perpetrators:
(Cannot give the links directly; only allowed to do so after 15 posts. Sorry)

Here is a short summary of the theory of how 9/11 was done:

- 9/11 = remote control + controlled demolition.
- originators: mastermind Zakheim; political nod by Olmert, Netanjahu in Israel and Cheney and probably Guiliani in the US.
- Olmert + Atzmon were Likud colleagues in 1998; Atzmon convicted in Israel for fraud went abroad to Holland --> CEO of ICTS (airport security) with Huntleigh subsidiary in the US, who did all the departure airports.
- Netanjahu + Silverstein were involved as well. Silverstein buys worthless WTC, worthless because of asbestos: clean-up cost higher then net worth of complex. Silverstein buys and insures with German insurer against terrorist acts a few weeks before 9/11. Silverstein and Netanjahu are wel acqainted with each other.
- Atta, Al Shehhi and Jarrah (3 'pilots') lived together in Hamburg. They got killed there by Israeli agents and dumped in the Elbe with bag filled with stones around their ankles; passport confiscated and used to lay a trail in the US at flight schools with Israeli stand-ins.
- Government lends 500,000$ to Urban Moving Systems company (see scan of receipt in blog). With this money thermite + radiographic controlled detonators are bought and prepared in buildings of UMS.
- In the weekend before 9/11 power is switched off in the entire WTC complex, excuse: maintenance. UMS vans loaded with prepared charges drive into basements of the WTC complex, next to elevator, unloads, open the ceiling of elevator roof and lift all the charges onto the roof of the elevator. Move elevator from floor to floor and connect charges to carrying columns. Leader of Israeli team is Peer Segalovitz, a demolition expert of the Israeli army.
- On 9/11 it is this crew that waits on the other side of the Hudson for things to come, with camera's ('dancing Israelis').
- At the same time in Boston: the Israeli stand-ins for Atta and others arrive at the airport, with security as mentioned by Huntleigh/Atzmon. Makes sure the camera captures them. After check-in they leave the airport through a side exit. They do NOT enter the disaster planes.
- Planes get air born. After some time the pilot observes that his entire control panel is disabled and that the airplane has changed course; he tries frantically to regain control of his aircraft, does not succeed. Obviously he does NOT inform his passengers in order not to cause panic. The passengers suspect nothing and hence make NO phone calls to relatives (which is impossible given altitude and speed anyway with cell phones).
- Meanwhile, on the ground, Israeli start making phone calls to relatives of passengers in the planes and tell the fable of the hijackers with box cutters. They are using simple commercially available devices based on voice morphing and caller-ID spoofing (see blog for links). My contribution to the solution is that I found out how these agents got hold of sound samples in order to make voice morphing possible in the first place (keyword: Israeli firm Amdocs that has infiltrated US telecom networks).
- Passenger meanwhile to their amazement notice that they are flying over Manhattan; 2 minutes later all is over.

This in summary is the plot to do list:

- buying WTC (and insure against terrorist acts for nice profit)
- killing Atta and friends in Hamburg and taking passports and dumping bodies
- laying trail at flight schools
- buying large amounts of thermite and detonators and prepare at safe location
- get hold of passenger list and collect sound samples using Amdocs
- largest chunk: drive into WTC complex with vans and mount prepared charges in a weekend
- make 10-20 or so phone calls to relatives using samples for voice morphing + caller-ID spoofing
- push the buttons in WTC-7 after impact of planes

9/11, that's it.

Is that too much to ask in order to get an army of 150.000 moving to capture the ME-oilfields and make the ME safe for Israel? I do not think so. It is not much work. It is a beauty of an efficient plot!

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