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- In the weekend before 9/11 power is switched off in the entire WTC complex, excuse: maintenance.
except that never happened

UMS vans loaded with prepared charges drive into basements of the WTC complex, next to elevator, unloads, open the ceiling of elevator roof and lift all the charges onto the roof of the elevator. Move elevator from floor to floor and connect charges to carrying columns. Leader of Israeli team is Peer Segalovitz, a demolition expert of the Israeli army.
how many charges were planted? how much thermite was in each? how many trucks did this require? how many members in the team? how long would it take to plant each charge? is this feasible in the span of 1 weekend? how did the thermite cut horizontally?

- buying WTC (and insure against terrorist acts for nice profit)
never happened

- make 10-20 or so phone calls to relatives using samples for voice morphing + caller-ID spoofing
what voice morphing technology available in 2001 could change a voice in realtime to fool someones own family?

how did the stand-in callers know to tell their families things only the passengers themselves would know? (IE recognizing family members by voice, instructing someone to retrieve something from a safe, complete with combination to said safe, and so on)
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