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I congratulate a 9/11 Truther for actually coming up with a narrative instead of playing JAQ-off games.

Truthers, have a good look at 9/11-Investigator. RedIbis, Magz, metamars, JihadJane, Lastchild, have a good look at 9/11-Investigator. THIS is your role model. THIS is who you should strive to be. He's polite. He provides a narrative instead of "just asking questions". He includes detail instead of asking us to decode vagueness. And he links to a page that provides detail instead of just spooky Youtube videos.

Why can't you be more like him. My respect for the Truth Movement would climb a dozen points.

9/11-Investigator, I congratulate you on your hard work.

"The evidence that the attacks of 9/11 were an inside job just keeps not coming in." --pomeroo
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