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Originally Posted by pittsburghjoe View Post
Probabilities are pathetic
Resorting ignorant gibberish in posts just emphasizes that is all you have for a theory.
The probabilities in QM are textbook physics. Probabilities explain how a single particle double slit experiment builds up an interference pattern from your delusion of "random dots". Probabilities explain how we get 2 bands when we measure which slit the particles go through in a double slit experiment.
Probabilities explain why radioactive decay has a specific distribution (Poisson from memory). Probabilities explain the spectra of elements. Etc.

6 September 2019 pittsburghjoe: What does your theory predict for the single electron double slit experiment?
6 September 2019 pittsburghjoe: Quote the single electron double slit experiment part of your original OP.
10 September 2019 pittsburghjoe: A delusion that random dots are seen in the double slit experiment.
10 September 2019 pittsburghjoe: Deep ignorance about probability in QM and the double slit experiment.

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