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Originally Posted by Planigale View Post
Certainly not Lyme which is tick borne, you have to get bitten by an infected tick. Weil's is carried in rodent urine, so you need a cut contaminated by rodent urine.

Classically in sewers, but can occur in jungle streams. It would be unusual for either to occur when installing servers, the sort of bugs and viruses servers are contaminated with do not infect humans.
TY. That's probably the one. And the rodent urine is the likely vector. I have many times lifted a floor or ceiling tile to be confronted with the aftermath of rodents it you catch my drift. Some of the locations where I have had to install gear are less than ideal.

Originally Posted by Planigale View Post
Clean dry metal is unlikely to have many pathogenic germs, the biggest risk is the germs on your skin, or secondary contamination.
That remains true for as long as that very metal remains clean. In some of the locations I have had to work, that is about 3 nanoseconds. I have on occasion gone home in the evening only to resume next morning to a surprising amount of
"evidence" of nocturnal activity.

Originally Posted by Planigale View Post
FWIW the germs that contaminate drinking water requiring boil water notices cause GI infections and aren't likely to cause wound infections.
Cryptosporidium and E coli were the culprits. Being partially immuno-compromised, I err on the side of caution by default.

Originally Posted by Planigale View Post
If the wound is dirty and needs washing (and assuming there is no kettle to get previously boiled tepid water), then the tap water is probably better than nothing.
No argument there. Better out than in.
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