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Originally Posted by Vixen View Post
Why is it so hard to accept that Epstein ran a clandestine occult racket - meaning the participants have some vow of secrecy, not to mention being blackmailed by spy tapes and the threat of exposure and prosecution.

At a conference Ghislaine Maxwell was bragging that 64% of the world's oceans come under no jurisdiction (- no man's land, as it were-) and that she was part of some oceanic project involving submarines. Now, Epstein's island temple has several hidden entrances several floors below (from Rachel Chandler's instagram pictures of the underground chambers, there are roughly four floors). We know it is deep because of the very steep steps that lead down from the trapdoor inside the temple doors.

Think about it: the underage victims were sneaked in by Ghislaine's submarine at a landing port and arrive undetected by air traffic control radar nor sighted by coast guards. Chantau Davies and Virginia Roberts Guiffre themselves confess to have recruited up to fifty teenage girls each to satisfy Epstein's lust.

Epstein set up a sperm donation for scientists whom he spent a lot of time wining and dining and planned to impregnate fifty girls at a time with 'top brain' elites. Virginia claims Epstein and Maxwell tried to force her to have his baby and hand it over. WHERE IS THAT BABY if it happened, as she claims?

Where are all those young girls procured by Epstein. Where is Jean Luc Brunel, who ran a Paris model agency and allegedly supplied girls who looked twelve-years old? Why has he and Ghislaine gone into hiding?

It is claimed Epstein spent a huge sum of money filling in his underground tunnels with rubble and many files and documents were removed before the FBI got there.

Some reports claim the FBI found human remains around the shore of small skeletons and skulls. What likely happened at his temple was horrific.

These Egyptian occultists have a belief that the further you go underground the nearer you are to these sinister 'gods'.

From this is must surely be blindingly obvious that Epstein wasn't 'just a dirty old man' procuring prostitutes and masseuse up to his mansion.

He had a massive supply of them via Les Wexner who owned Victoria's Secrets and procured models for his lingerie range, via Maxwell and Brunel and via people like Virginia, Chantau and Rachel, already in his sex ring.

This was no one-man perversion. This was a Mossad agent on a mission to blackmail the world's leading statesmen, lawyers and scientists (in a foreign interference operation) an involved - if the sealed court depositions are to be believed - at least ONE THOUSAND people in high places. That isn't the actions of some sole individual disgusting sex pervert down the road.
Where might I go and find said submarine? Which witnesses indicated they were transported via submarine? Seems cheaper and easier to convince them that they were getting modeling gigs or some such.
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