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Originally Posted by McHrozni;12839533%5
CraigB gives it lip service when prompted to keep up apperances, which is arguably worse than just ignoring the episode ... entirely lacking from the discourse - yours, CraigBs and all the others.

This is plumb loco. I get accused of not being concerned about expulsions of Jews from Muslim countries. I prove from previous posts that that is not so. What happens? I am told my concern is worse than ignoring the expulsions. And that people are indignant about Palestine only because they want to "genocide" (verb) Jews

Can this be confronted by reasoned argument? Of course not! Only satire and irony are able to deal with it.

How about this? Spain has repudiated the 1492 expulsions of Jews and is restoring on specially favourable terms the citizenship of descendants of these expelled Sephardim, even after 527 years. I have said that's good and it should happen in all countries which Jews have been compelled to leave for political reasons. Do I really believe this? No of course not! I really want Jews to return to Spain so that they will be "genocided" again there by the inquisition. Therefore my attitude is lip service and arguably worse than wanting Jews to be expelled from Spain.

How does McHrozni know that these bad things are in my mind? That I don't mean what I write and have merely been prompted to keep up appearances, when I claim in writing to have a particular opinion. Well, it's because Zionists can read minds. And in minds they read bad things.

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