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Originally Posted by Checkmite View Post
Absolutely true; no doubt about it. But, once again, we're talking about just another little weight on the scale. Taken alone, absent any context, it's no work at all to imagine a way that the alarm - OR the sleepovers, OR the books with naked kid pictures in them, OR whatever other individual thing - could easily be completely innocuous. But in Michael Jackson's case, the "little things" keep coming, and one has to keep making up more hypothetical stories to explain how Jackson just kept managing to do these completely innocuous things that happened make him look kind of like a pedophile....
I see where you're coming from and I don't necessarily disagree, but on this site doesn't this chain of logic typically end with "and that is why I believe in Bigfoot?"

Lots of weak evidence doesn't actually sum up.
>Reason being is that you guys appear to have absolutely no field experience in listening for invisible people in the forest. I do.

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