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Originally Posted by Fudbucker View Post
If I was worried about that I would have a blaring alarm that would wake everyone in the house, esp. security, who would come running to save me. Or, if I had enough money, I would just pay a bodyguard to stand guard outside the bedroom door. I wouldn't install some doorbell chime you can barely hear. ESP. if I'm taking something like propofol before I go to sleep.

If you're paranoid about being attacked, and you take heavy sedatives to sleep, wouldn't you want your alarm to sound like the world was coming to an end? Wouldn't you have guns nearby for self-defense? I don't buy the paranoia explanation.

I especially don't buy it when the person who has such an alarm installed is also fond of sharing his bed with little boys, AND he's been accused of molestation... all sorts of red flags go up, and for good reasons.

"Asked what he does with children in his bed he says: 'When you say bed, you are thinking sexual, they make that sexual. It's not sexual. We're going to sleep, I tuck them in and I put a little music on and when it's story time I read a book.'

The point is brought up that no one would let their kids stay with him, and the reason is because MJ's behavior is indicative of pedophilia.
No. The point is that like the OP, you're arguing from assertions and personal incredulity.

You want to diddle boys in private.... you dead bolt the front door, or put a chain lock on it. Ever stayed in a hotel? The staff can come through your keypad locked door at will. You have internal bolts or chains to prevent that. He had a chime. It went off when someone entered his bedroom suite, not when they were on the stairs. The staff and several associates had the keypad code. He just wanted to know when someone was coming and it could've been for multiple reasons, yet you've eliminated all but one of those reasons.
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