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Originally Posted by Stacyhs View Post
She won't even be that when the ECHR rules in her favor and Italy corrects that mistake.

It's a pity that Guede hasn't apologized to the Kerchers for his heinous and wicked crime against their dearly beloved daughter, sister, niece, cousin, granddaughter, future aunt. Knox and Sollecito have nothing to apologize for since they had nothing to do with Kercher's death.

Your facts are all scrambled up.
Yeah, Guede didn't apologize for his hand in their daughter's murder. But he did make a phony fake apology for being sorry he was innocent while people other than himself did all the criminal actions. This kind of transparently self serving excuse is even more insulting than just remaining silent. But apparently the higher Italian courts don't think so because they gave him an official commendation and seal of approval for coming up with this fake story apology about the rape and murder victim consensually fooling around with him behind her boyfriends back to explain why all the evidence used to convict him proves he's actually innocent.

No PGP has ever cared or noticed. Meredith's champions I'm sure.
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