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Originally Posted by dann View Post
You seem to think that the vacuous words, "It's not for everyone," actually explain anything
I don't think it needs explaining.

What do you want explained? You don't get it. You're going to make no effort to get it. You clearly have a very dim view of it all and just want to proclaim how much you don't get it and how it's just no necessary and ask why everyone can't just like the same things you like.

I don't really feel like fighting against that right now.

If you really want to know stuff, I'll tell you what I know, but you're not starting from there so I'm not going to make the effort.

and as if asking questions is already an interference in other people's business. But you can rest assured, I don't worry at all, and I'm not arguing for making spanking rooms illegal, but it's kind of odd that that worry immediately appears whenever you question this theme.
What worry? That you're going to start shutting things down? You know, I didn't even consider that you had the wherewithal to do that.
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