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Originally Posted by Chanakya View Post
As some posters have pointed out, the veganism is incidental. What is key is the neglect. Crackpots subjecting their infant child to the Warrior Diet, for instance, would probably have led to a roughly similar outcome.

Focus on the crazy, not the veganism.

It's ... surprising, in a skeptics' forum, to find most people making this case an excuse for ranting off on vegans.

Sure, ranting about one's pet peeves is cathartic, and fun, but still.

(Before someone asks, or at least wonders: No, I'm not vegan myself.)

Because vegans are never known to be crackpots.

Originally Posted by Elagabalus View Post
Look up up 30 Bananas A Day and get back to me.*

TL;DR He's Australian everybody! What more can be said?
Originally Posted by Elagabalus View Post
I don't know. Why would vegans eat their own? I mean, they're vegans right?

The aforementioned 30 Bananas a Day A.K.A. "Durianrider" in some kind of vegan dustup.

Just the first couple of paras if need be.

Veganism explained. Sort of.

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