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Originally Posted by byn63 View Post
3. Colonel Rock did not understand the significance of several pieces of evidence especially the bloody footprints EXITING Kristen's room with no bloody footprints (bare or otherwise) in the entire apartment.
The footprints are some of the biggest load of crap in the MacDonald case like the pajama fibers and blood evidence and fabric impressions and urine stains. It's made up evidence which the 4th Circuit judges don't seem to understand. The matter was discussed in an unseemly wrangle during the testimony of Professor Osterburg at the 1979 trial:


Q There is some testimony in this matter by Mr. Medlin in regard to a footprint on the floor of Kristen's room, where the suggestion was that there was light coming from a window which created difficulty in photographing of prints there and other matter in that room?

MR. MURTAGH: Your Honor, I would MOVE TO STRIKE that question. I don't believe it comports with the witness' testimony at all.

THE COURT: Well, I will SUSTAIN the objection. I won't strike the question, but I will sustain the objection to the question; but I will allow counsel to show whether or not there is such evidence in the record.

Q Let me ask you this -- we will come back to this particular problem or non-problem in a little while. Do you have an opinion, Mr. Osterburg, as to whether or not there is a scientific explanation for the fact that Mr. Medlin says he was able to observe ridge lines on the bloody footprint on the floor, but he was unable to photograph and that they disappeared by the time of the photograph of them?......

Q All right, let me put this question to you: is there any realistic possibility in your mind, based upon your knowledge and training, that between the time a bloody footprint could be seen on the floor by Mr. Medlin and the time that the floor section was taken up and carried back to Fort Gordon that the ridge lines he observed would disappear on the floorboard and become lost?



THE WITNESS: I have seen the floorboard, and there is a bloody footprint impression on the floor. There are no ridge details in the bloody footprint.
I cannot see any reason or explanation that is reasonable why those areas of the bloody footprint bearing the ridge details would selectively disappear while the rest of the imprint would remain. I just don't understand that.

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