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Originally Posted by Delvo View Post
That depends on what you call "really ambiguous".
I mean some sort of mismatch between chromosomal sex and phenotypic sex, resulting in phenotypes which are difficult to classify as either male or female, especially individuals who cannot produce either oocytes or spermatozoa.

Originally Posted by Delvo View Post
It's easy to call somebody with Turner Syndrome a "girl" because that person looks female on the outside, but the lack of a vagina or uterus or developed ovaries on the inside makes such a person "really ambiguous" in my book...
I cannot find a reference to lack of a vagina, but there are a number of other physical features mentioned in the relevant wiki, including "webbed neck, a low hairline, a small chin and jaw, a high-arched palate, and a broad chest with wide-spaced nipples."
Just reread theprestige's signature; still cannot recall anything about it.

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