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I want to state for the record that I think Anita has all the paranormal abilities of an eggplant. I agree with many of the posters here that her claims of paranormal abilities need to stop, one way or another. However, I have to wonder if we are going about it in the best way. Maybe we need to go back to the calm, rational, and conversational methods that were used initially. Yes, I know how well they worked (they didn't) back then, but maybe it is time to try again. She "seems" to be more willing to look at things a bit differently. Maybe if we engage her in calm and rational conversation, keeping the acrimony and accusations out of it, perhaps there is a slight chance we can help move her a bit further towards our ways of critical thinking, and away from the woo state of mind. It may not work, and may even give her more attention than she may deserve, but shouldn't we at least make the attempt. Maybe the woo veneer is starting to crack a bit. Maybe this is a crossroad, where she will either cross over to the light of rationality, or forever be lost in the void of woo-ness. I may be being naive and overly optimistic, but what do we really have to lose, other than some time, which we seem willing to spend criticizing her every statement anyway. I might be completely out to lunch on this, and I freely admit to the likeliness of it, but it may at least be worth discussing. I don't know one way or the other if this would be a good idea. I am merely putting it out there for discussion.

I have the tar on boil, and the chicken feathers bagged and ready, should you all decide I need to be tarred and feathered for making the suggestion.
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