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Ziggi added:
"And by the way, you JREF guys must work hard now to preserve image of Chris Mohr and Millette, as u know that we now have the famous Harrit FTIR and that it does not match Millette´s. Millette does not study the right chips, his study is bunk, which is why he never published. 4 years and all you guys have is chatroom non-sense and childish youtube videos. Pure Comedy."

I don't know what FTIR Ziggi has in mind - this miserable one, which I commented above in post 3571?

As for this spectrum, I wrote in my e-mail to Ziggi:

"FTIR (FTIR microscopy) is indeed pretty important method here! We had emphasized it many times (with Sunstealer etc.), when we had thought about planned Millette's study.

Concerning FTIR, let me start it with a natural (and now, thanks mostly to JREF, generally accepeted) supposition that several kinds of red/gray chips were present in WTC dust (and some of them must be red steel primers, not nanothermite).

1) We don't know what was a detailed structure/composition of Ryan's chip JM5, we only see its bad FTIR spectrum. So, we have no idea whether this chip corresponds to Bentham chips (a) to (d).

2) On the other hand, we have a lot of detailed analyses (from both Harrit and Millette study), what is a structure/composition of red/gray chips of kind (a) to (d), and thanks to this, Millette was able to attribute these chips to some "kind of chips" and to assign them measured FTIR spectra.

In short, any FTIR spectra of WTC chips are welcome, even this one taken on the otherwise uncharacterized chip, but it itself does not proof anything extraordinary, except that it is disctinctly different from Millette's spectra."

Anyway, it was before Ziggi started to be again so obnoxious, nervous and upset on YouTube comment page of Dave Thomas' experiment, that any further "debate" was impossible...

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