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Originally Posted by dudalb View Post
Still trying to figure out why the US and UK being proud of the part they played in briging down the Third Reich led to Donald Trump.
Because Donald Trump, with his policies of persecution of Iran, the Palestinians, Venezuela, North Korea, Syria, ... and even Russia expresses American arrogance to a point of near-insanity. This would perhaps not have happened if the international community (including Germany and Japan) had been more lucid and more critical of the U.S., since World War 2. America, in spite of its (very real) power, has been like a spoilt child of the world in the last 75 years or so. That's how you put a madman in the White House. The way America views itself is influenced by the way other countries see it.
And how hell were the Allies going to defeat Nazi Germany without "Massively Invading " it.....
They could, for example, have pushed back German armies to their pre-1939 borders, and bombed military targets only (if necessary). Or relied more on local resistance and protests in invaded countries, and negotiations.

It seems to me that this would have been more satisfactory, from an ethical point of view.
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