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Originally Posted by Stacyhs View Post
Yep, Amanda really covered up for Guede by leaving his bloody footprint on the bathmat* and his crap in the toilet AND pointing them both out to the police. She also made sure to cover for Guede by leaving his visible bloody shoe prints in the bedroom, hallway, and kitchen. And let's not forget leaving his bloody palm print underneath Kercher's body. Yep, leaving all this evidence behind is a tried and true way of covering for somebody!

*Please don't claim it was Sollecito's as then you'd have to explain why Amanda and Raffaele would leave his bloody footprint behind and point it out to the police. But come to think of it, you already tried that when you claimed the pair did it on purpose to 'put one over' on the police to prove they were smarter. THAT was one of your best ever!
As Vixen constantly reminds us, Cassazione is not there to rule on the facts of the case. Yet then Vixen turns 180 degrees to claim that, "Cassazione found that X was factual."

What the 2015 Supreme Court did (as it outlined in Section 9.4 of its report) was summarize evidence as both sides, prosecution and defence, submitted it.

It then ruled that even if all of it had been true, none of it approached the unassailable reality that no forensics of either RS or AK were present in the victim's room.

Therefore even if all the factoids (my word) had been true, the Nencini court should have acquitted.

Yet Vixen returns back 180 degrees.... to present the prosecution summary as if it was the only conclusion that Cassazione had arrived at.

And.... as noted upthread, this still does not make judicial facts as fact-facts. The 2015 report had been written with the calunnia conviction as a judicial fact. We've just learned this month, that the ECHR has ruled that the calunnia conviction was based on rights being denied, therefore the conviction should be remedied by the member state.

The calunnia conviction is no longer a fact-fact. It would have been interesting to see how the Italian Supreme Court would have written its report which had exonerated the pair, itself being freed from the calunnia being a judicial fact.
In a thread titled "Who Killed Meredith Kercher?", the answer is obvious. Rudy Guede and no one else.
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