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Originally Posted by rdwight View Post
Yup. Good thing you didn't conflate things to make a political hit piece out of this. Glad to know I was off base..

Yes, let's speculate. Definitely doesn't prove my point.
So should we put you down for denial?

Conflate what? Trump and his sleazy grab them by the pussy, walk into a Miss Universe dressing room history with sleazy Epstein?

What the hell speculation is that?

Originally Posted by rdwight View Post
If justice had run it's course the first time, we wouldn't be in this situation. Please keep pressure on the process running better this time around. I will not argue on those grounds, and whoever get's swept up, the more the better. But you are again centering the case around Trump. In a case that there has literally been no indication he would be involved in.

As for Acosta, I hope all information about the formation of the original plea deal come to light. But I don't see the same backlash in regards to the executive position for that situation. To complain about the situation now, when charges have finally been refiled after all these years, is absurd to me.

Again, I appreciate any pressure put on in regards for getting justice for the victims. But way too many only care about that as a secondary motivation. And that includes many posters here. Smear and accuse political opponents first, anything else just seems a bonus.
Help me out here. What specifically are you complaining about?

We know Acosta helped Epstein get off. We know Trump et al vetted Acosta and appointed him to Trump's Cabinet.

Just what is it about those KNOWN FACTS do you think are being misinterpreted?
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