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Originally Posted by The Great Zaganza View Post
Mueller has documented many cases of Obstruction of Justice committed by Trump.
This, IMO is sufficient grounds for impeachment and removal. Obstruction of Justice is exactly that for which Nixon was about to be impeached and removed when he resigned, after Republican members of Congress informed him that he was likely to be impeached and removed if he didn't resign. Specifically, he instructed the CIA to falsely tell the FBI that the Watergate burglary, committed by employees of his own re-election campaign, was a CIA operation and that therefor they should not investigate it further. I simply cannot see why Nixon's actions warranted impeachment and removal, whereas firing the FBI director for refusing to stop investigating allegations that his campaign committee had colluded with Russians does not.

Back then, congressional Republicans, at least most of them, had integrity and cared about the rule of law. This is apparently not the case now.
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