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Originally Posted by Dessi View Post

The Doron Machine 2.0 Super Deluxe Ultra.

It's an extension of a normal Doron Machine with a better implementation of numbers which, by some miracle, doesn't store approximate quantities but rather stores quantities exactly. It also makes lattes and has a decent text editor. But the important thing is that any two quantities that are algebraically equal on paper really are equal in the Super Deluxe Ultra, and vice versa.
(I presume from your foto's etc. that you are quite a bit younger than I am).

And *that* is why modern computing is broken! What is wrong with normal black coffee and vi?

You see, whenever a 'new and hip paradigm' is discussed, I get passed by all them youngsters, but whenever I enter a competition I hand them their behinds on an epic scale...

All you need is the patience to think (and caffeine to stay awake during that process) and the ability to find all the letters on the keyboard in an acceptable timespan.

I never needed a debugger or profiler either and still my code runs stable and blazing fast.

</old fart mode off>
EDIT: ^^^ that is for fun, I am not a *grumpy* old man...(I am not even *that* old ahem)
"All is needed (and it is essential to my definitions) is to understand the actuality beyond the description, for example: Nothing is actually" - Doron Shadmi
"But this means you actually have nothing." - Realpaladin

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