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Originally Posted by The Big Dog View Post
We have literally entered the point where people are claiming that Nazi fascism is capitalism in order to derail a discussion about Marxism atheism persecuting religious people in communist China.
Nobody's trying to derail anything. We try to make you understand that the fact that two things go together does not mean that one of the two is the cause of nothing. It may be the other.
For example, capitalism may be a criminal economic system. I'm not saying no. But it doesn't follow from the fact that Germany was a capitalist country under the Nazis. We will have to look for other reasons.
Therefore, the fact that China is a communist-Marxist (that's what they say) and an atheist country doesn't mean that atheism is the cause of everything that happens there. You will have to look for other reasons if you want to convince someone who is not an anti-atheist fanatic.

If you think a little you will see that it is easy to understand. If you think a little, of course.
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